The people who need to be educated about rape are our men and boys. They need to learn that sex isn’t a zero-sum game, it’s not keep-away or capture-the-flag, it’s not a thing they do with their genitals to the genitals of another person at whom they don’t look, let alone see.

It is something they can engage in and share with another person and, if the other person – the whole of other person – isn’t sharing in the sexual act, for whatever reason, at whatever moment, then it’s not sex. That’s when it becomes rape – and no matter what you look like, or what other good you’ve done in your life, you’re then a rapist.

And, if the men who admitted to it on Reddit are any guide, no matter how they justified it in the moment, they know it.


Megan Carpentier, ‘Who is a rapist?’ 

Content warning: this is an important article, but caution before reading is advised because it contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence that could be extremely triggering 

(Source: Guardian)