"I suggest we think carefully, butches and FTM’s alike, about the kinds of men or masculine beings that we become and lay claim to: queer masculinities, ultimately, will fail to be queer to the extent to which they fail to be feminist"

— J. Halberstam “Female-to-Butch” (173)

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"The attribution of monstrosity remains a palpable characteristic of most lesbian and gay representations of transsexuality, displaying in unnerving detail the anxious, fearful underside of the current cultural fascination with transgenderism. Because transsexuality more than any other transgender practice or identity represents the prospect of destabilizing the foundational presupposition of fixed genders upon which a politics of personal identity depends, people who have invested their aspiration for social justice in identitarian movements say things about us out of sheer panic that, if said of other minorities, would see print only in the most hate-riddled, white supremacist, Christian fascist rags…When such beings as these tell me I war with nature, I find no more reason to mourn my opposition to them —- or to the order they claim to represent —- than Frankenstein’s monster felt in its enmity to the human race. I do not fall from the grace of their company —- I roar gleefully away from it like a Harley-straddling, dildo-packing leatherdyke from hell."

A quote posted in honour of International Transgender Day of Remembrance

Susan Stryker, “My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Transforming Transgender Rage” (1994)

"If one more person tells me that ‘all gender is performance’ I think I am going to strangle them. What’s most annoying about that sound-bite is how it is often recited in a somewhat snooty ‘I-took-a-gender-studies-class-and-you-didn’t’ sort of way, which is ironic given the way that phrase dumbs down gender. It is a crass oversimplification that is as ridiculous as saying all gender is genitals, all gender is chromosomes, or all gender is socialization. In reality gender is all of these things and more. In fact, if there’s one thing that every person in this room should be able to agree on, it’s that gender is a confusing and complicated mess. It’s like a junior high school mixer where our bodies and our internal desires awkwardly dance with one another and with the external expectations that other people place on us."

— Julia Serano in “Performance Piece” (via deviantfemme)

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"Gendering is the initial step in this transformation, inseparable from the process of forming an identity by means of which we’re fitted to a system of exchange in a heterosexual economy. Authority seizes upon specific material qualities of the flesh, particularly the genitals, as outward indication of future reproductive potential, constructs this flesh as a sign and reads it to enculturate the body. Gender attribution is compulsory; it codes and deploys our bodies in ways that materially affect us, yet we choose neither our marks nor the meanings they carry […] A gendering violence is the founding condition of human subjectivity"

— Susan Stryker, ‘My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix: Performing Transgender Rage’, in G.L.Q, Vol.1. (3) p. 250.